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Exo Terra Bio Drain Terrarium Draining Substrate is a natural, non-organic substrate that allows excellent drainage of the terrarium. This is a more natural looking direct replacement for either Zoo Med Hydroballs, or Hydroton brand expanded clay substrate. Sold in 4.4lb bags. (About 1.25-1.5 gallons/ea)


Our best selling drainage layer substrate! NEHERP LDL (Lightweight Drainage Layer) Substrate is an excellent choice for any live vivarium. Weighing in at under 2.5lbs per gallon, there's an up to 50% weight savings compared to clay aggregate style substrates, without sacrificing surface area or strength! NEHERP LDL is eco friendly, non-toxic, and simple to use. Manufactured from recycled glass...


A non-toxic mesh designed for use in terrariums. The mesh allows proper water drainage while preventing substrates from mixing and contaminating the water/filtration system.