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Other Plants


These are a more compact version of our other Fittonia. They have the same requirements but with smaller leaves and more compact growth. We offer two varieties: White and Red veined

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This is a broad-leafed Aroid that makes and awesome addition to 18"+ enclosures as it will grow to be around 24" total in height. Alocasia does best with moderate to high amounts of light and well draining soil that is kept moist. Sold in 4" Pot size with plants being 8"+ in size.

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Formerly known as Helxine soleirolii, this plant loves high humidity and thrives in a vivarium setting. Baby's Tears makes an amazing ground cover and will quickly form a short lush carpet along anywhere you put it. While it is a hardy plant, it prefers medium to high light and does not tolerate low humidity. Best for tanks with 75% humidity+NOTE:...

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ZZ plants are sturdy, they don't require a ton of light and tolerate a wide range of conditions. This makes them a great choice for larger gecko tanks! Normal ZZ Plants slowly grow up to 36" but this dwarf variety stays a bit smaller and can be placed in enclosures 24" tall (or less with some pruning!). Sold well established...


Nerve plant is a popular small houseplant that grows best in low to medium light. It loves high humidity which makes it an ideal vivarium plant. Keep the plant moist but not soggy. Sold as well started 4" Pot size plants.


This plant is deceptively fragile which makes it a better choice for smaller inhabitants so it does not get trampled. Prayer plants grow best when kept moist and given medium or bright light. It will grow in a trailing pattern up to 12" tall. Available in the red veined variety.  Sold as 3" Pot size about 6-7" tall.